Welcome to WordCamp Auckland, 2014

The event is still in the planning stages with registrations commencing at the end of May, but you can register your interest in attending in the form below.

WordCamp Auckland 2014 is a mid-winter event, most likely to occur in the last Saturday of July 2014. If you love WordPress or want to get involved with WordPress, it’s a great opportunity to learn more and interact with the local WordPress community. Kevin Trye, a senior freelance WordPress developer, is the organisor this year, assisted by an enthusiastic team from the 200-strong local WordPress user meetup group.

Why Web & Graphic Designers should attend the Auckland WordCamp

This years focus will be helping local web/graphic designers and their business clients. Expert developers will also be attending, often as key speakers, showing us how much WordPress has evolved from a blogging system in 2003, to the world’s most popular CMS application. Today it allows designers, IT and marketing staff to create beautiful, easily-managed websites in less time (and cost) than other options (like Joomla, Drupal etc). And inherently get their clients more traffic too. The freedom and control that WordPress provides designers and users is truly astounding.

As well as professional designers utilising WordPress for the building of unique, high-traffic business websites, there are new entry-level options too for home businesses, non-profits and sports clubs. Slick sites that can be quickly established and easily maintained, saving thousands.

Join our WordCamp mailing list

Just fill in the form below to be kept informed of developments. If you want to speak at Auckland WordCamp, register separately on this page.  Sponsors can register their interest here.

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Call for Speakers

wordpress-for-businessOur Call for Speakers is now open! Event scheduled for the last Saturday in July. (Venue to be confirmed)

We will have the usual workshop track(s), where speakers can guide their audience through a local project or case study they’ve done, as well as encourage speakers to engage in a new Q&A panel discussion.

Topic Guidelines

Auckland WordCamp 2014 is ideal for novice or seasoned web designers and their business clients. This means we’re looking for local examples, case studies and ‘alerts’ (best practices) talks is our preference over deep coding-related topics. (We are setting up separate events for this).

This is an educational event for users and the target audience are web/graphic designers and businesses owners or marketing people, showing off examples and all the critical [forgotten] things not covered in the normal host auto-install or theme selection process. Expert WordPress developers are encouraged to attend as speakers or sponsors.

If there is a large pool of speakers and topics, we may split things into a novice and advanced user streams, so think carefully when deciding your topic and who it is best suited to. (Examples)

Stage-fright? We can help

If you’re a hosting company, developer or experienced designer wanting to talk to WordPress users (and prospective customers) at WordCamp and thinking, “I’ve never spoken in front of a big group before and that makes me nervous!” Fear not. We are planning a special meetup in a classroom setting to let you practice in front of a small, friendly group and get valuable feedback.

We will accept proposals until 15th May, 2014. Conditions apply.

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Call for Sponsors

WordCamp Auckland 2014 promises to be the best yet. WordCamp this year is working closely with our local Ak WordPress meetup group, now boasting over 200 members, meaning we’re confident of a great turnout and some superb exposure for sponsors.

WordCamp provides a fantastic opportunity for sponsors to raise their credibility within the high growth WordPress community, as well as talk directly to their customers and to help find new ones. Sponsorship levels are still being determined, but will be similar to previous WordCamps with individual ($350), company ($795) and major ($1500) sponsorship options, with sponsor branding displayed on handouts and related websites. Offers of relevant promotional materials, tee-shirts, prizes etc are all welcomed too. Details will be provided over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, register your interest in the form below and we’ll be in touch. Thankyou.

Kevin Trye, Organisor

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Build a Better Business Website

WordPress has evolved from it’s humble blog beginnings to a flexible, easy to maintain content management system. Most installations in 2014 are as business sites, not a blog. It is therefore a business focus that will be at the heart of WordCamp Auckland 2014, educating these newer users, both business owners and graphic designers, the special tricks and techniques needed to get the best out of their WordPress install.

For Better Designed, more Functional Websites

Less coding emphasis than earlier WordCamps, with more examples, case studies, ‘how to’ tips and general best practices talks. A revised WordCamp structure aimed at website designers and their business clients, who are likely struggling with the avalanche of new WP theme options, plugins and security issues. Many have been needlessly burnt, simply through lack of know-how.

Now you can learn in one day the essential tricks as well as seeing what others have done to make their business WordPress site a raging success. Remember, WordPress has evolved beyond it’s blogging roots. It’s become a serious platform for building successful Business Websites. To see what we mean, checkout our local meetup group article and video below.


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Topic suggestions

Here’s some suggested topics for the Auckland 2014 WordCamp. We’re looking to cater primarily to new and advanced users, with a dozen or more 30-40 minute formal sessions as well as several Q&A sessions hosted by local developers. If needed, we may re-arrange topics into Novice and Advanced* streams to allow more speakers. A business focus is preferred.

Local Case Studies Stream

  • How I built an (almost free) WordPress site in a morning
  • WordPress shopping carts – What we’ve learned that works
  • How we built a high traffic business blogsite that people love
  • How WordPress is helping local schools and education

Best practices, hints ‘n tips Stream

  • What web designers must know to avoid a disaster
  • Little Traffic? The very latest WordPress SEO tips
  • How small business should setup their WordPress site
  • Site recently hacked? A Site Security Checklist
  • Website Speed = More Traffic – Things they never tell you…
  • WordPress without coding – The new breed of drag ‘n drop themes.

Got your own ideas for a good topic? Fill in the form below and if proved popular, we’ll see if it can be incorporated on the day. For more ideas, see what they’ve done at other wordcamps. No two seem the same!

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